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The Ghost of Annie Springer
by Taylor

One stormy evening, a small family moved into a rather large mansion. It looked new, but it was built again in 1912 over it's former self. In 1835, the exact same estate burned to the ground. The family that lived there managed to escape, except for Mr. and Mrs. Springer's only daughter, Annie Marie Springer.

Annie was a red-headed, tom-boyish girl. She was so strong willed, you'd never of thought she'd die. But, the burning flames took her. The little family didn't know the legend, they were new in town. Almost everyone in Rosey Shore knew the legend by heart. After a few months, the family settled in and discussed whose room was whose and where Bella, Mr. and Mrs. Jacobs only daughter, was to go to school. Mrs. and Mr. Jacobs and Bella all were happy in their new home.

It only took 6 months though, to make Bella aware that Annie was still lingering around the house. It was at supper that Mrs. Jacobs realized her daughter was unhappy. Mr. Jacobs was gone at work. Mrs. Jacobs looked into her daughter's eyes.

"What's the problem, honey?" she asked.

"Annie. She wants us to move. She lives here, it's her house," Bella sighed.

"Who's Annie, darling?" Mrs. Jacobs asked, suddenly very attentive.

Bella stared at her mother. " She..." her voice trailed off and then she stared at her tomato soup. "I'm not hungry," Bella whispered and pushed her chair in.

She began to walk solemnly up to her room.

"What are you still doing here?" demanded the angry, deathly pale, see-through Annie Springer. She was no longer pretty. She was deathly pale and had dark circles under her eyes. You could see right through her, she was a ghost.

"I tried to convince my Mom, but she... didn't believe me." said Bella, her voice cracking.

"Get out! I'll give you until tomorrow. If you aren't planned to move away by then, you'll suffer!" Annie snapped, and disappeared.

Bella stood in silence. After a few minutes she shouted, "You won't make me, you brat!" She stomped to her room and crossed her arms angrily. Annie appeared suddenly.

"What did you say?" she demanded. "No-forget it! You'll find out what happens to people like you!" she screamed.

From downstairs, Mrs. Jacobs heard a terrified and painful scream. Mrs. Jacobs raced upstairs. When she peeked in Bella's room she screamed-Bella was lying on the ground dead. After a few months, Mrs. Jacobs had another baby girl and named her Bella. Then, the family hurried and moved away. A few years later, another family moved in. 6 months later, the couple's son discovered Annie...

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