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Geepers Creepers
by Kinsi

Hello this is my story. One day I was walking my friend home when all a sudden the wind starting to howl and scream. We continued walking when we heard something above us. We thought it was just a really big bat, but it followed us. My friend got scared and jumped when she saw it. She didnít think we would get away from it. I started to think the same.

So we started running. We finally could see the house so when we got there we banged on the door and finally her mom answered. She said bye and be careful. I started walking home when all a sudden I heard a big bang behind me. I turned around to see a big green mutated man creature behind me.

I screamed and tried to run away but I tripped on a bump on the road and hit my head and blacked out. When I woke up, I didnít know what was going on. When I opened my eyes, I turned to see I was in a cave in a nest like thing. I saw the creature. It had dragon like wings and sharp teeth. Its mouth was full of blood and flesh. I didnít know what to do. I was terrified.

When it turned around, I acted like I was dead. It was eating an animal carcass. I was in shock. So it left after it was finished. Thatís when I decided it was life or death. I ran as fast as i could run. I was out of the cave finally, but I knew where I was. I was there before so I knew the way back to town easy, but it was about a mile away. I started to run until the creature spotted me. I was in a field with long grass. It tried to grab me, but I dropped into the grass.

It started at me but I stood in front of a tree that was in the middle of the field. It hit the tree and was stuck because I jumped out of the way before it hit. It would be stuck there for a little while maybe long enough for me to get away so I started to run. I ran until I saw town. I was almost there when I saw it. It was coming after me and it looked furious. I didnít live in town. I lived on the outskirts of town. So I went inside, grabbed my torch, lit it and the creature was coming fast. It scratched me. I kicked it off. It had it's mouth open, so I threw the torch into it's mouth. It caught on fire finally. The geeper green mutated man was dead. It was finally over. You don't have to believe any thing, but there are still some out there so be careful or you might be the demons next victim!

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