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"Stories to read on a dark, stormy night.
Stories so scary you'll scream out in fright!
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original art by robin meade

It's Dark in Here Ahhhh!

One dark dark dark... night... there was two people. Jhon said, “let's go to that hotel downtown.” Fred said, “I... don't know... people say it's haunted.” Jhon said, “There's no such thing as ghosts!” 2am craaash! Fred cried, “GHOOOOST!” Jhon replied, “Shut up.” At 6am, Fred came in Jhons room and yelled, “JHHOON I SAW A GHOOOOOST!” They ran out of that hotel never to return. Legend says that ghosts still haunt that hotel. The end?


The Clock Goes Backwards

One day at school, I looked at the time and it was 10:01. I came back home at lunch and saw the clock ticking silently backwards.


The Locked Door

One day, when I was walking home from school to my house, the door was locked and I had to look under the mat to get the key. When I looked under the mat, the key was not there. I went over to my friend's house, named Gabriel, to play basketball. I knocked on the door, but nobody opened it. Next I went to my house to see if my parents were home. They were not there, but I tried to get in the house. The door opened. I was surprised!


The Ghost

Once long ago, a girl named Sofia moved in a house and she saw a ghost. The ghost was spying on her for a month. She didn't notice until now. The ghost attacked, but she got away before he got her. Sofia ran to her friend's house. When she came back to the house to get her stuff, the ghost attacked her again. He took over her body and she was never seen again.


I Am Dead

One Sunday morning, I was just walking home from school. I heard a sound over the bushes and I said in my mind, “I don't care.” I just kept walking and then I heard the sound again and then it got freaky. I started to run for my life, but I heard a footstep coming....



One day, a family moved into a house. Everyone in the neighborhood knew it was the haunted house, but they didn’t tell anyone. Both of the boy's moms told them to go outside and make new friends. They finally told them, but they didn’t believe them, then they got killed.


Crazy Mable

Once upon a time, in a dungeon, there lived a ghost. A crazy ghost. Her name was Mable, but people called her Crazy Mable. She would sneak into your mouth and take out food until she wasn't hungry. Until one day....


The Girl With The Red Eyes

A woman went into a hotel and asked for room 49. The man at the counter said, “No, but you can have room 48.” The woman asked, “Why not room 49.” The man said, “You'll find out.” That night the woman heard a piano playing in room 49. She looked through the door. There was nothing. She looked again and all she could see was red. The next morning she asked what was in that room. The man said, "A girl died in there. She had red eyes."


Wolf Man

Not so long ago lived a quite big monster. His name was Eric, but they called him Wolf Man. He was very nice, but everybody thought he was mean. He only ate fruits. Until one day, I took a hike around the forest. I saw a lumpy tree, so I went to check. It was Eric and he thought I was scared of him, but I said, “Want to be friends?” He said, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” The end.


Weird Things

On a warm summer day, I woke up and the heat was turned all the way up and no one was home but me, my nana, and my sisters. They were all asleep, so I turned the heat off. I couldn’t sleep, so I got on my computer, then I heard strange noises from behind me. I turned around to find things falling out of the cabinet. I was scared senseless. I got up and walked out as if nothing happened....


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about the artist: robin meade

original art by robin meade
until recently i have not been much of a visual artist but rather a musician. i have learned a lot of things along the way as being an artist, (there is still a lot more to learn) i hope that every one is enjoying what they see! and many thanks to all of the people that have commented and helped me to improve my artworks. you can see more of my artwork at robin meade on imagekind and spiderfingers

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