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The Factory of Horror
by Holly

It was a misty Saturday night when Bella, Lily and Sammy wanted some fun. It was 9pm. They were all 16. They were walking down the street when they came to an abandoned factory. "Let's go in," Said Sammy starting to climb the gate.

5 minutes later they were inside the building playing truth or dare. Bella dared Lily to go and hide for 20 seconds.

"Of course we will find you!" said Sammy starting to laugh.

Lily ran off to go and hide. Sammy and Bella counted to 20, when they had finished counting they heard a large crash. Bella screamed and grabbed on to Sammy and started to look for Lily. Lily was hid in a metal container. She tried to get out but she couldn’t. She was stuck.

Bella and Sammy sobbed,they saw a misty shape appear and head towards the room where they heard Lily scream. All Sammy and Bella could hear was a scream, a cry and a bang. They ran out of the building.

Bella looked at her watch it was 2am. She called the police. They came straight away and inspected the building, whilst they were inspecting a police man told the girls that the factory was haunted and anyone who saw a misty figure will live a hard life. The police man came out holding Lily's dead body. The girls screamed and pointed at the writing on the wall, it read: All who enter, youngest never comes out.

2 months later the girls were attending Lily's funeral. As the coffin was buried Bella and Sammy swore that they saw the same figure, as they did 2 months ago today.

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