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The Mystery of Elizabeth's Ribbon 1
by Taylor

Once upon a time, in a small town, there was a girl named Elizabeth. For some reason, she always wore a ribbon around her neck. One day, when she was in kindergarten I might add, she was swinging on a little wooden swing when little David ran over to her. "Why do you always wear that ribbon on your neck?" He asked her.

She looked at him a moment then added slowly, "I will tell you when we are older." The way Elizabeth had said it sent chills down David's spine. He nodded and skipped off to join his friends.

Many years later, when they were grown up, they fell in love and got married. Once again, David asked: "Why do you always wear that ribbon on your neck?" Elizabeth hesitated. "I must tell you when the time is right." She said, seeming to agree with herself that was the right response.

Years passed and David often wondered when the time was right to learn the secret of Elizabeth's Ribbon.

Finally, when they were really old, Elizabeth became very, very sick. David called for the doctor. When the doctor was done checking on Elizabeth, the doctor broke the news to David. "I simply must say I don't think she'll make it through the night." Then, he left. David went to Elizabeth's room.

"Elizabeth, dear?" He asked. "Yes?" She asked. Her voice sounded weak. "Well, can I know now why you wear that ribbon on your neck?" David asked shyly. "Of course. The reason is..." She broke off. "I might as well just show you." She said slowly.

She reached her hands to her throat slowly, David eager to solve this mystery. She carefully untied the ribbon. And she slowly took it away from her neck. David stared at what it looked like was a cut. But before he could say anything, her head fell to the ground.

David backed away. "But, but.." He began. "I'd be a ghost?" Elizabeth chuckled. "Yes. I am." She spoke quietly and carefully. "And my time is short. I will miss you, David. Goodbye." She waved. Her eyes closed and she had a satisfied smile on her face. Her body shimmered a moment and then was gone.

Well, that's how Grandfather tells the story. Yes. That's right. David is my grandfather and Elizabeth is my grandmother. Did I forget to mention? Grandfather still keeps that ribbon. Some say it's cursed. . .

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