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by Madeleine

The new video game DOOMSDAY was an instant hit. In fact, every kid in the neighborhood flocked to the local game store to buy a copy of the game. They knew that only one kid would find a ticket to spend the night in the new theme park DOOMSDAY REALM.

Chuck was hoping to get that prize. He was so eager to find out if he could get the lucky game that he pushed his way to the front of the line. He bought a game and went home to play it. He opened his game and saw a small slip of paper fall to the ground. He unfolded it, heart hammering in his chest, and saw... a ticket to DOOMSDAY REALM!

The next day Chuck found himself on a plane to DOOMSDAY REALM. As the plane started to rise he flipped the portable TV screen open and turned it to the international news. "We shall now announce the winner of the DOOMSDAY REALM contest." Chuck waited in anticipation. He couldn't wait to brag about this to all the kids at home. " Ralph Jefferson."

"What?!!!" He couldn't believe his ears. He had gotten the only ticket, not the skinny kid who was his main victim. With a sinking feeling he turned around to see a demonic creature standing over him. He had talons, a spiked tail, horns, scaly skin, slanted reptilian eyes, and a impressive ten foot height.

"Welcome to Doomsday Realm." The lord of evil spoke as the plane dropped from the sky. The bully screamed and everything went dark.

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