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Don't Play with Death
by Emma

Erica Hart never believed in fairy tales. She never believed that there were witches or Vampires and werewolves that roamed when the moon was out, And she never believed in Faeries and elves that danced around in mushroom circles.

No, Erica did not believe in scary stories either. So when a handsome young boy turned up on her doorstep, she was charmed, and not scared of him, like everybody else.

His name was Damien Thorn. He joked that his parent's favorite movie was 'The Omen.'

On Erica's Sixteenth Birthday, Damien finally asks her to go out with him. She instantly agrees.

Damien walked her down to a cemetery, saying that she just needs to look at it to see how beautiful it is.

But as they walked into the middle, Damien sat down on a gravestone. Covering the name.

Erica told him to get off, but he doesn't listen. She moves forward and grabs his arm to pull him off it, saying that it was disrespectful to the dead.

But Damien looked up at her and said, "Read the Gravestone, Erica." He stands up and walks behind her, wrapping his arms round her waist. Erica asked him why, but he just said again.

"Read it, Erica."

On the Gravestone was the name 'Damien Thorn.' Erica gasps, and tries to move, but Damien won't let her go.

"That Movie, Erica, wasn't fiction. That movie was based on my life, I made myself young again, but Erica, They buried me here so that I couldn't rise again, but that's just not how it works, Erica, because Months ago, this ground was renounced, it's not Holy ground any more, Erica," He whispers to her.

Erica screamed.

"I'm Hungry Erica," he whispers and bit into her neck.

The next Day, Erica's Body wasn't found until years later, when somebody figured out that Damien Thorn's grave was right where they found a lot of Erica's Blood.

Digging up the coffin it which he was laid to rest, they discovered that inside the coffin, There were two bodies, one was Damien's, and the other was Erica's. But the worst thing, scratches were found on the inside of the Coffin. Erica had been buried alive.

No body noticed until later, that the bodies that had sat in the ground for years, had not rotted away. But when they went to examine Damien's body, It was nowhere to be found.

What happened to Damien? Well, That's another story.

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