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by Sarah

One day, a girl named Daisy and her friend, Nicole, we're walking down the street chit-chatting about nonsense. When all of a sudden, they heard a scream. They thought it was a joke and boy did it scare them. They ran to the nearest house and knocked on the door. They waited 10 seconds and no one came out.

"We have to hide!" Daisy said.

"Don't go in, my house is a minute away. Let's go!" They both ran as fast as their medium sized legs could go. When they reached her house, the door was locked and there was no extra key.

"Now what?" Nicole said scared to death. As they turned around everything looked different. Their neighborhood looked like a place rich people live.

"Ahhhhhh" they both screamed and ran out into the front yard. There was a dog without a leash. They got the dog without saying a word and started running.

Just as they left their house the dog said, "And where do you think you're going?"

They left the dog there and started to run into a house that was big and looked safe. As they opened the door there were three dead bodies. Nicole started running, but Daisy just stood there as if she was in a spell.

"Daisy!" Nicole shouted. She wouldn't budge. Nicole ran out the house and tried to find a living person, but it was completely empty. She ran back to Daisy and found her on the floor with the other bodies. Something happened to her. Nicole tried to scream, but nothing came out. Just as she was going to take a step back, she tripped. She landed on her her back and got seriously hurt. She was going to drag herself out of the house, when the same dog appeared and said "Where do you think your going?" The last thing she saw were those dead bodies.

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