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Death Road-You're NEXT
by Victoria

I was in the cemetery looking for my hat, it was pitch and then I felt a tap on my back and then... “BOO," Hana yelled.

"Wahhhhhh," cried William her friend's younger brother.

"What did you do this time," said Gemma, Hana's friend.

"As usual... scared him. I...,” Hana replied cheerfully, “I like scaring people, its my hobby. I've done It since I was four. I said this to my mum 'MUM!THERE'S A SPIDER ON YOUR HEAD A BIG HAIRY SPIDER!IT'S ABOUT TO BITE YOU MUM!' my mum screamed and almost fainted. Then I would scream, 'gotcha' and laugh my head off.”

"Please stop scaring him," she told me as we walked to school.

"No way, if you don't like it then just walk away."

I would say she usually walked away... but this time she said, "If YOU don't, you would pay a PAINFUL price!"

"Oh ha ha, you can't scare me!" I shrieked and ran.

She ran faster than usual and jumped on me, her face turned BLUE, her t-shirt torn, two more ARMS came out of her body. She opened her jaws... I wouldn’t like to think what would have happened next if the lollipop lady hadn't come.

Gemma quickly turned to normal.

"OMG what were you doing? You scared the hell out of me," I told her.

"Oh did I? Have you learned your lesson?" she replied.

I nodded my head.

"I was wearing a costume you dummy," she said suddenly and she laughed.

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