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Cole's Shadow
by Taylor

Introduction: This story is true... we don't know if it was a dream or real or imagination. All we know is there was a shadow. My best friend (And neighbor) stars in the story with her bro Cole. We now present to you, Cole's Shadow.

It was a while before my family moved to the house next to Maggie's. Our house then was owned by our friend Gracie. (Who know lives in a city ten miles from here.) But I did live in a house a block away, but I was never allowed to come to Maggie's or Gracie's cause we were always doing something.

But the point is, I wasn't her neighbor back then.

Maggie lived in a trailer house. You might be thinking that the house is not that cool... WRONG! It really cool and has two bathrooms and one floor. Our house has a upstairs and it doesn't have two bathrooms! But I am not saying I want to move, cause, I love my house and room. SOOO... back then she had to share a room with her brother Cole. Now she has her own room that her sister use to have but doesn't anymore because she is in college.

One night, Maggie went to get a drink when she saw Cole's shadow looking at her. She looked and Cole was sleeping in his bed. She climbed back to bed and went to sleep.

Maggie now: Loves the popstar Pink, Maggie room is now her sister's old room. She owns 11 cats, and I don't care if you believe me or not, because it is true. Snuggles... Shadow... Mozart... Zee Bee. I can't remember the others. And she owns three dogs. A German Shepard named Mandy. A Black Lab named Bella. And last but not least, a Sheltie named Ally. Maggie is the perfect person to hang out with and I don't blame her if she says it true because think about what RIP means. Love, Taylor

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