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Cold as Clay
by Sydney

Once there was a farmer who had a daughter. Her name was Sally. She fell in love with a farmhand named Jim. Jim and Sally loved each other so much that they wanted to get married. But the farmer thought that Jim wasn't good enough for his daughter, so he sent her across the county to live with her uncle.

Jim came to the farmer's house one day to get Sally. When Jim found out what happened, he never left his house again. Some time later, Jim got weak and died. Some say he died of a broken heart. The farmer didn't want to tell Sally, so he kept it a secret.

Then one day, Sally got a knock on her door. She opened it, and there was Jim.

"Jim, is that you?"

"Yes it is me, my love. Your father sent me here to get you on his best horse."

So Sally got on the horse with Jim and off they went. After a few hours, Jim started to fall asleep.

"What's the matter, Jim?"

"I just don't feel so good."

She put her hand on his forehead. "Why, you're cold as clay!" She wrapped her handkerchief around his forehead.

When they got to the farmer's house, Sally ran to the door. Her father came outside.

"Sally, why are you here?"

"Didn't you send Jim to get me?"

"Jim died about 2 years ago sweety."

She turned around to show her father Jim, but he was gone. They ran to the stables and found the horse. It was sweating and trembling with fear. They told Jim's parents to dig up his grave. They got it dug out and lifted the lid.

There was Jim, and so was Sally's handkerchief.

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