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Where's Chuck 2
by Taylor

Whoa, wait boys and girl before you leave, Thomas is still here, and I'm not quite finished, please join me again!

Well, after I locked myself in my room, I stared at the ceiling... repeating... asking myself, Where's Chuck? The thought pounded and bounced around my mind and my stomach did flip flops. I stayed that way for hours, waiting, just to see if he'd return.

Finally, the clock chimed midnight. "Good nights!" bounced around the downstairs area and my family rushed upstairs to go to bed. I yawned and stretched, but I fought to stay awake a little longer.

I waited and there was no noise. A small, devilish grin spread across my freckled, wicked face. I was going to sneak out... No doubt about it!


The window in my room slid open easily, which I was indeed happy about. A pine tree gently quivered right in my reach. It was risky, but I had an idea. I reached my hand out... gulped... and...

"THOMAS QUINCY DORRIAN, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING!!!!???" My older sister, Michelle asked angrily. I shuddered at her 'I'm sooo telling mom!' attitude, and it frightened me.

"Please, Michelle, don't. Chuck... well something happened and come with me. I need to look for him or I'll be mad at myself forever." I said. Suddenly, her eyes softened. She loved Chuck like a little brother. Just like me.

"Let's go," She almost sniffled.


The wind howled and whistled and whipped Michelle hair around. We shivered and huddled. We were scared and cold. Not good together. We held hands and trudged down Wilson Street and Marco Avenue and Delaware Boulevard. She was wide eyed and angry as we rounded the corner to the forest.

"YOU DARED HIM TO GO IN THERE?" She shouted. "Mmm hmmm," I sobbed and buried my face in her shoulder. A dying groan filled the forest and we turned our heads nervously, frightened. We didn't know what to make of it. "Chuck?" I yelled. A raspy, dying voice said....


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