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Chelsea's Doll
by Taylor

It was a sticky August afternoon. Sweat drenched Chelsea's forehead as she ran down the street to the dollar store. Her birthday was next week and she needed supplies for her birthday party. She had $5 in her shorts pocket that her mother had lent her.

"Now, Chelsea, spend this wisely. I know how you are with shopping..." Mother had said.

But Chelsea had shook her head, sighed, rolled her eyes and muttered, "Yeah, yeah sure." As Chelsea opened the door to the store, it made a lovely sound, like that of bells.

"Hello, Chelsea!" The shop owner said.

"Hi Mrs. Cody." Chelsea replied. She brushed her wrist against her forehead and walked into the aisle titled "Party Section"

She picked out a plate and cup combo deal for 50 and party hats for 45. Since she had plenty of money left over, she decided to hunt around and find a little something extra. She looked one last time around the Party Section.

Just to be sure there wasn't anything she was missing, and continued on her way.

She glanced around the Arts & Crafts Sections and down the Beauty Section which contained assorted perfumes and brands of make-up. Chelsea enjoyed both things, but felt ready for change.

Suddenly, she stumbled upon a small porcelain doll. It had shoulder length hair black as night and navy eyes. Why, it was the most gorgeous doll she'd ever seen! Chelsea picked it up and ran to the checkout booth.

Mrs. Cody's eyes widened and shrunk again. "Uh, take it and leave, please, dear. On the house." She stammered. Chelsea wasn't always the brightest bulb, yet she wasn't stupid. She furrowed her eyebrows, sensing something was wrong.

"Now, dear. Goodbye." Mrs. Cody said impatiently. Chelsea nodded uncertainly and ran back down Beatrice Street to reach home.

"I didn't know you still played with dolls!" Chelsea's older brother, Jonson, wisecracked. Chelsea glowered at him and raced upstairs.

"Now, Dear Dollie, I must name you properly." Chelsea said. "How about Lisa! Why, I love that name!" She laughed.

"Chelsea, supper!" Mother called. "Oh, coming Mother!"

Chelsea bounded down the stairs, her stomach growling all the way down. Lisa flopped over on Chelsea's bed, an evil grin spread across her face.

To be continued...

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