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Brink Of Insanity
by Foreseer

A massive white out is about hit the greater tri-state area of Philadelphia PA, people mob local convenience stores for bread and milk and other various canned goods to prepare for this storm thatís coming. Arguments and parking lot fights even robbery occurs in this mass hysteria. All local police are sent out to organize this chaos, which leave many people... shall we say victims at home unprotected.

Later that evening around 9 pm the storm hits and it hits hard.

Our story takes place on Love Lane in Norwood PA, in the Delaware County area. Norwood has a mild rich history with a nice revolutionary war battle and the ever so famous Fort Mifflin not too far way, not to mention at one point it was all swamp lands, and you know what they say about swamp lands in the early times... It was pretty much where they threw their dead and diseased to rot away. So essentially the Delaware County area at one point was one giant grave. So in human ignorance, we built over hallowed ground.

No one truly knows what happened but there were 911 recordings and dialogue to show the oddness of this tale.

Poor Young and beautiful Miss Sarah Lucas, till this day no one knows what fully happened to her, people say her vanity cursed her, her negative comments about the town cursed her, no one truly knows.

10:15 pm
911: hello 911 emergency

Sarah: Yes hi, my name is Sarah Lucas, can you send a squad car over to my house I live on 216 love lane Norwood Pa, it looks like there is a strange woman in my back yard.

911: OK Miss Lucas just lock all your doors and windows for now until we can get a squad car over there, right now we can't until this storm lets up.

Sarah: Will do. I already have every thing locked, she looks like she is just standing there so I should be OK for now.

11:00 pm
911: 911 emergency

Sarah: please send a patrol car to my house, my name is Sarah Lucas. I called about an hour ago about a woman in my yard. well now it looks like there is a man, woman, and two children back there and they keep banging on my doors and windows, oh god please send someone. I am so scared.

911: OK calm down miss. I will try and send the first squad car I can get a hold of, we already have your name and address sent out.

Sarah: OK thank you please hurry.

(the squad car didn't get a chance to show up until about 1:35 am, and we have his radio conversation between the officer and this dispatcher.)

Officer Richards: Hey Jack, you there Jack, come in Jack.

Jack: Go for Jack.

Richards: Hey Jack, it's Richards, Iím at the house on love lane, Iím going to need a medic.

Jack: Richards are you OK sir.

Richards: Yeah jack Iím fine, but it seems the resident here isn't.

Jack: Is she alive, or seriously injured.

Richards: Thatís the thing, Iím not sure. She is just sitting in the corner with her mouth wide open, pale skin and the look of pure terror in her eyes, I mean Jack it looked like something scared the hell out of her man, I never seen any thing like this.

Jack: Hold tight Richards, I'll send a medic.

2:00 pm

The medics arrive, but this is what their report said of the incident.

Upon arrival we found officer Richardson stabbed 14 times in the chest, and discovered a disturbed Miss Lucas finger painting with his blood, we sedated her and restrained her to our stretcher so we could radio in police. officer Richards is pronounced dead on the scene.

And thatís the story, Miss Sarah Lucas is still in Bucks county insane asylum, but also a lot of people forgot about her, I sure didn't especially since, the asylum get shut down about ten years ago.

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