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Bloody Mary Legend
by Taylor

Once, long ago, there was a small village that was by a forest. In the forest, lived a strange, cruel woman named Mary. Some of the villagers called her Bloody Mary, because they thought she was a witch. Some villagers claimed they had seen her do witchcraft. Others claimed she was taking children from the village and taking away their lives to stay young. Some villagers reported missing children, and blamed Mary for it.

Late one terrible night, that was proved. Mary used a spell that would lure a child to her cottage in the forest. She sang an enchanting song, which woke the farmer's daughter. She quietly got out of bed and went through the door. The farmer woke up, hearing the song, and realizing where his daughter was headed.

He leaped out of bed and woke his wife. They ran out of their little house, and into the village. Other sleepy villagers were awaken. "Annabell! Annabell stop!" The worried farmer called to his daughter. But Annabell didn't stop. "Bloody Mary, give me back my daughter!" The farmer and his wife shouted.

There was a wicked laugh, but Annabell kept moving along with the music, the villagers were in a frenzy! "What shall we do?" They shouted at one another. "I don't know! We have to stop Bloody Mary somehow!" They screamed. But what they didn't realize was that Annabell was taken. She had already left the village and was missing.

The farmer and his wife were heartbroken, and plotted their revenge one day. And soon that day came. Another child was being taken from the village, and Mary was inside the village, in her no-longer-secret hiding place. The farmer sneaked out of his house with his gang of men. "Now boys, we've plotted this for awhile, and now we're putting it into action." The men sneaked and found Bloody Mary.

The men suddenly went into action! They pounced on Mary and grabbed her. The haunting melody stopped and the child ran to his Mommy and Daddy. "Give me back my Annabell!" The farmer shrieked. "Never!" Mary shouted. The villagers quickly ran out to see what was happening. they watched in awe and amazement. The men took Mary and tied her down on something. They started a fire, and burned her to the stake. While being burned, she put a curse upon the villagers. "If you look into a mirror and say my name three times while spinning, I'll appear and kill you!" she screamed.

How to do Bloody Mary:

Go into a bathroom and turn off a light. Light candles, and say "Bloody Mary" three times and spin three times. After that, she supposedly comes out of the mirror.

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