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Illustration by
KKC Bauder

Illustration by KKC Bauder

Daniel grew up in a small town in Minnesota, and when I met him in Charles K. Volan Middle School, the first thing he said to me was "What is it like?"

I was confused and stammered, "What?"

Again, Daniel grew up in a itty bitty spot on the earth called Drakenville, and I discovered he had never seen the city. Unlike him, I had grown up in San Francisco, in my opinion the best not-so-small town on earth.

I had seen the buildings that seemed to stretch to the sky like a rubber band and had witnessed earthquakes and actually viewed the dark prison called Alcatraz that was parked in the rolling waves. But Daniel, no, he had never gotten to see the thrill of the city.

I had slammed my locker shut and said simply, "Perfect."

He slowly evolved to becoming my friend and I had explored all over Drakenville. The friendly people, everything. I still wished mom hadn't brought me here though.

I loved San Fran. One day, as we were walking near a creek (pronounced 'crick' in Minnesota), Daniel smiled as he glanced at the water.

"Tomorrow is my birthday," he said. I was happy. "Great."

He threw me those pearly-white eyes, eyes whiter than a dentist's teeth.

"Guess what I'm wishing for?"

I pondered for a moment, thoughts swirling. "A motorcycle?"

He shook his head, his eyes still crisping my face.

"To go to San Francisco," he announced.

I sighed. Of course.

"It's not that great," I told him.

He took his eyes off me and decided to evaporate the river with his glare.

"No," he whispered.

The next day, Daniel came to my house bringing a cake. "Hi!" I greeted. "You ready?"

He seemed happier today, more gleeful. What was happening? Before eating cake, he once again shot me white pupils as he wished.

I wish to go to the city, he mouthed. And when he said it, it seemed as the planet's aligned. He then pulled out two tickets.

"My wish is true," he said eerily. We were on the plane in four days, just ourselves, no parents. We were trusted. As we exited the plane, our escort led us to our hotel. We settled in the bed and went to sleep. When I woke, Daniel was watching the news.

"A rabid dog is on the loose," a reporter said.

"He was last seen at room 684 of Clarissa Hotel."

For the first time, I saw tears gathering in the eyes of Daniel.

Normally, I would've said, "This happens a lot. Just stay off the streets." But we were in the Clarissa Hotel. Room 684.

"You brought a dog?!!?" I shouted. Daniel's eyes became large and brown. He started to grow fur.

"I am a dog," he said sharply. "Last night, they spotted me in dog mode. I'm really sorry."

His fangs clicked. He was morphing. "Your my friend. But since you know my secret--"

Then he grew a snout and he began barking and snarling. He was a dog, and a mean one.

"I was right, " I said. "This city isn't that great. You wasted your birthday."

He pounced, and the rumbling mass of fur landed on me. Luckily, I escaped the teeth. Then, the door splintered and broke, and a S.W.A.T. team dragged the vicious animal off me.

"Don't let them hurt me!" Daniel yelped. He was human now, so I thought it was safe. I went and I hugged him. I couldn't stand for him to be dissected and prodded in a science lab.

A mistake. His fangs ripped into my arm. Then I got the rabid/morphing problem. I quickly turned into a black wild-dog, and scared the team away. Now, I'm a vicious super-dog. I love the taste of human. And I know why Daniel wanted a big city so bad. So much food, so little time. So now I roam the hot streets of San Francisco, looking, rushing for my new meal. Daniel and I, we hunt together. The rest of the pack helps us.

I'm ready to HUNT!

The End
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Gage About the Author: Gage

Gage is a talented 15-year-old author from Florida who began writing for Phoophie Tales at the age of 12. In his free time, he enjoys acting, video games, reading and writing stories. What inspires Gage is reading other great horror stories and wanting to make his own to inspire others.

about the illustrator, kkc bauder

About the Artist:

KKC is a second generation artist from Texas. She was raised on abstract expressionism and loves playing with line, color and motion to create free-form paintings that can be interpretated in many different ways. Her work is inspired by Music and Literature. You can visit her art shop at: Cool Unique Original Art | apparel & gifts

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