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Back Luck for Jacklin Part 1
by Kaitlyn

Jacklin Monroe was 12 years old. She lived with her mother and father and older brother, Derek who was 15. One day when Jacklin was walking to school, she noticed how today was so gloomy, the sky was dark with clouds, and not one ray of sun was coming through. The wind was blowing hard and it looked as if it were about to storm. It started to rain and she ducked under a tree.

"Oh great! I'm gonna be late! Just great!" She exclaimed angrily. She ran the rest of the way and it started to lightning. She remembered her mother's words: "In a lightning storm never get under a tree." So as best as she could she stayed away from trees and ran.

She finally got to her school and tripped on the first step and landed face first into concrete. "OWWW!" She screamed. She picked herself up and rubbed her bruised nose. She tried to ignore the pain but her nose throbbed. When she got to class she was 10 minutes late.

"Detention!" Ms. Ronalds called to her.

"No wonder why she isn't married." She murmured.

"What was that Monroe, do I need to get the principal?" She asked snottily.

"Um no ma'm." She answered. Her teacher pursed her lips. "As I was saying, please take out your textbooks."

After class was lunch she sat at the table she always sat at with her best friend, Megan. But Megan didn't sit by her, instead she was talking to Sarah Whicks, an evil popular girl that they used to both despise. But Megan was laughing with her and it seemed to be at Jacklin.

"Why is my day going so TERRIBLY?!" She screamed in her head.


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