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Is Anyone There?
by Madeleine

Thea Flint was beautiful and kind. Her voice rivaled that of a songbird and she had amazing athletic and academic skills. Everyone liked her, no other students challenged her authority, and many wanted to be like her. She seemed destined for success.

Then, in twelfth grade she was diagnosed with leukemia. There was no cure for her. She died after a long battle with her illness. Her last words were addressed to her friends. "They are coming. You can fight them off with the weapons under the tower. You can't kill them in a usual way."

At her funeral, the crowd of mourners comforted her heartbroken parents. They had lost their only child without any hope of saving her. They stood by Thea's bed as she got weaker, unable to do anything but watch as their little girl suffered in silence.

As they left the graveyard they noticed a small grave entrance beside three large flat rocks. When they told her best friend, Joy, about it she remembered a book Thea had requested from the library. Thea had acted like the book was the only thing that mattered anymore.

"I need that book Joy. You have no idea how important it is."

The book had something to do with the mystery. Joy was sure of it.

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