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Who's Knocking on the Door?
by Alexis

It was my first day home alone, so i was kinda scared. My parents told me not to answer the door, when I’m alone… but I guess I didn't listen.

When I was getting ready to go to school, I heard a loud knock on my door BOOM, BOOM, BOOM. I quickly ran to the door without even thinking and when I opened the door, I saw nothing. I thought I was just too late at answering the door.

When I got my coat on, suddenly I heard a BOOM, BOOM, BOOM at the door, so I opened it. No one was there. I got a little scared, so I hurried to grab my stuff and go.

Then I heard a loud sound, a screeching sound. As I turned around, there was a figure standing by the opened door and it was black and had something in its hand. While it was coming toward me, the face got clearer and clearer.

I saw what it was… a gruesome face that even the most ugliest and disastrous thing would run away from shrieking in terror. It started humming something I could not understand and then it jumped at me with sharp dirty claws and the unknown object in his hand.

The last words I ever said, were, “Who are you?”… and that was it. My whole life was turning around me by a creature that could never exist in this world and then I woke up.

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