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When Best Friends Turn
by Emily

Hi, my name is Amanda and this is my twin, Julia. Our friends are Gemini, Jewl, Maulita, Emma, Victoria, Erin, and finally Harriet- all girls. We are ten year olds and are kind of like ghost hunters, except we don't get paid.

One day, Maulita and Julia went missing. We checked every where - at my house, at the mall - EVERY WHERE. As we went walking up the street to the police station so we could report Julia and Maulita as missing, I could've sworn I saw Julia hanging from something, with cuts and bloody red bruises on her body at the Melvin's house, a house haunted by evil things... things I can't explain.

So, as I stopped to tell the rest of the girls that I thought I saw Julia, two of them were missing this time - Emma and Victoria. I started running back then with Gemini, Erin, Jewl, and Harriet, the only ones left. We just passed the Melvin's house again - this time I saw HELP written in blood on the window. As I turned around again, everybody was missing except me.

I made my final decision, just then, that I would go into the horrible house and just try to find the others - dead or alive. I entered the rotten wood, light colored kitchen of the smelly house - it smelt really bad like rotten eggs.

I then went upstairs and heard voices next to my ear saying, "When Best friends turn, they usually all die," or "When they all disappear, your death is sure to come."

I then turned to see the rest of them turned into Zombies and evil spirits surrounding me. "We turned on you now.... We got you now.... No more ghost hunting now.... No more living now...."

I then yelled, "WHY? DON'T YOU REMEMBER THE GOOD TIMES? WHY!?" I then jumped out of the window of the Melvin's house and ran.

I couldn't believe this happened: My Best friends turned on me and sometimes ghost hunters can be defeated. Sad, huh?

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