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Two Brothers
by anonymous

Once upon a time, there were two brothers. One, John, who was the oldest, and Tim, who was the youngest. It was Halloween, and John was begged by his mother to take Tim Trick or Treating, for she was very ill. "Alright, mom, alright!" He said, finally giving in. "But only if I can bring Eric." "Sure, just don't play any pranks...or leave your brother behind!" "Right, I won't."

He rushed upstairs where Tim was getting ready. He decided to call Eric. "Yeah, I guess I'm going this year after all." "But you said-" "Yeah, forget what I said. Do you want to go or not?" "Yeah, I'll be there." They both hung up. John tapped his fingers on the counter. "Hurry, up, Tim!" "I'm coming, I'm coming!" He heard his little brother reply. He saw him rush out of the room, dressed as a ghost. "Okay, let's go." They walked downstairs and out the door.

On the way, they met up with Eric. "Hey, John, I wanna go to that house this year!" He watched as Tim pointed to the old house everyone said was haunted. Of course, it wasn't, John and Eric had been there many times. "No, way, squirt." "But you and Eric used to go every year! Please take me in with you! Puh-LEASE!!" He gave Eric a big smile. Eric nodded. "Oh...no, I don't think so." He saw Tim's face sadden. "Okay..." "Besides, you don't want that ghost to gobble you up, do you?" John teased. "Ghost?" He smiled as Tim's eyes widened. "Yeah...ghost." Eric chimed in. "I want to-" Tim didn't get a chance to finish, because his brother and his friend started to run off! "Hey!" Tim wobbled after them, but he was too slow.

"Well, I can go in that house myself. After all, I am almost six!" he whispered to himself as his brother and Eric turned the corner, laughing. He walked over to the house, climbed up the huge stone steps. He gulped. He knocked on the door and gasped when it opened for him. "Wow..." he muttered, stepping inside the old entrance. He jumped when the door slammed behind him. He saw an old lady in a rocking chair. He walked over to her, gasped when she looked up at him, smiled. He saw that she was brushing a dead little girl's hair. "Ahh, a new child, I see..."

"Alright, we should go find him now, he's sure to be scared!" "Yeah. He probably wet his little diapers!" Eric joked. They turned the corner. "Wait, where'd he go?" John started to panic. He screamed when he saw his brothers little ghost costume on the steps of the house. "No, he didn't-" "He did!" Eric started laughing. "No, Eric, this is not funny!" "Aw, c'mon, you know that that house is not haunted!" John raced up to the door, tried to open it, but it wouldn't budge. He glanced over as he saw a shadow by the window. Tim... "No.." he saw bloody little handprints all over the window.

And now, on every Halloween night, people swear they see a little boy climbing those great, old steps, entering the house. And some swear that they hear him crying. Others swear that they hear him laughing.

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