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This Story is True
by Maxine

Once, on my grandaughter's 8th birthday, I gave to her 3 little dolls (normally I wouldn't, but her parents had just died and I felt like I had to.) One was a cowgirl, one was an ice skater and another was a very pretty geisha.

My grandaughter played with them all the time and my grandson was jealous. He took the cowgirl and and he roped her rope around her neck (the doll's of course). That night I heard a little girl's voice saying "He ripped my rope, he ripped my rope, I am coming for him, for him..."

Naturally I thought it was just my old mind playing tricks on me, but in the morning, when I went to wake up the kids for school, I couldn't find my grandson. I looked everywhere for him and when I opened his closet, I found him hanging by a noose.

A week or so after his funeral, my grandaughter came crying to me that she broke the skate of her ice skating doll. I couldn't fix it, but I put some tape on it. Anyway, that night, I heard another girl's voice, it wasn't the same as the one before and she said "She broke my skate, she broke my skate, I am coming for her, for her...."

I freaked out because her words reminded me of when my grandson died. I ran into her room to check if she was all right and she was sleeping soundly. So I went back to sleep knowing that I am becoming old and that it's just my mind playing tricks on me. Sadly the next day, when I woke my grandaughter up, her throat was slit and her bed was soaked in blood. She was dead.

At her funeral, police men came and they took me to jail. They were accusing me of killing my grandchildren! They even went far enough to say I must have killed the parents too, but they died in a car crash! I know I didn't murder my grandchildren, I would never think of ever doing such a thing...

And now I'm writing this story, I have just come out of jail and I believe that everyone should know this tale... I'm innocent.

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