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The Woman in Red
by Samuel

This is the story of a strange woman who lived in an abandoned village in North Spain. She lived alone in this village, her house was very small and was in ruins.

The people of the nearest village, forbade their children to go there because they said that she was a strange woman and she always wore an ugly red gown.

But one of the few sunny days of last winter, three children wanted to go to make some mischief at the woman’s house. They caught the last bus of the day and persuaded the driver to stop at the village.

A few minutes later the three children arrived at their destination. When they got off the bus, a big gust of wind shook them up throwing them onto the ground. The day became dark, no birds were singing and no frogs were croaking. Something happened, but the three children decided to look for the woman’s house.

When they found the house, they let two mice inside to scare her. The three children began to laugh, but the noise of a broken glass and a great cry like a monster made them soak with sweat. In this moment they saw two huge rats go out with mice in their mouths. The three children began to run and one of them shouted: “Don’t look behind you.”

The next morning, the three children could not be found. Only a note saying:

“Nobody bothers a woman in red.”

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