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The Wind in Her Hair
by Jessica (jez- Eeka)

My name is Jessica (pronounced Jez-EEka). I was up in my college dorm room doing my homework. My roommate was on a blind date at the Cafe across the street, and I was alone.

I went to an art school, and my assignment was to make a sketch of the first thing I see that strikes me as unordinary. I began to look around, but I was so used to my dorm room, nothing was unordinary. My car was in the dealership, so I couldn't go anywhere.

I was about to give up when I noticed something. The door to my balcony was slightly cracked open and there was a lady standing there. She wore a hot pink dress, and her blond hair was flowing. The thing I noticed was the way the wind blew in her hair.

The wind in her hair.

I began to draw her, then realized that I had no idea who she was. I walked over. "Hello, who are you?"

"I am the Wind in Her Hair" the person replied, without turning around.

"May I please see your face?" I asked.

"You May not. For I am just the Wind in Her Hair."

I got fed up with this nonsense, so I bent around to see her face. I was struck with fear by what I saw. I saw nothing just air. Endless air on one side, and the other side endless blond hair blowing in the wind.

I screamed and ran. I ran down the steps and through the door of the Cafe my roommate was at. My roommate is named Sheryl and she had blond hair as well.

"Sheryl!" I screamed and banged into her. She turned around.

"I am not Sheryl, I am the wind in her hair."

I screamed as I stared into her face, the face where there was nothing.

I made it, but leaving all my confidence and nerve behind. I am forever struck by the Wind in Her Hair.

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