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The Vampire Girl
by Lily

One day a boy named Dylan was traveling with his dad on a business trip. They went so far from their house that when they finally got there it was about midnight. There was an eerie light outside of the house they stayed in and the people there were tall and pale. One little girl that lived there eyed him as if he was from outer space.

Before his dad went to bed he decided to go play with the little girl - she looked about 4 and seemed nice. They went to the playing room downstairs and Dylan saw that the only toys were dolls. He picked one up and noticed it was wet and ripped. He turned and looked at her. She had something in her mouth... She twisted around spit it out and said, "Hi Iím Molly."

Dylan smiled and turned back around, "Hey, isnít it past your bedtime?" Dylan asked, but Molly didnít reply. "well" Dylan said "Iím gonna go right to sleep."

He walked up the stairs and whoosh up went Molly.

"Iíve never seen anyone run so fast in my life." said Dylan.

Molly smiled.

That night they were both in bed and dad was in another room upstairs. Dylan had just fallen asleep when he felt a small prickle on his neck then a sharp point. Dylan quickly turned around and saw molly. She was even more pale than she was ten minutes ago and her eyes glowed bright.

"Molly, what are you doing up? Itís about 1:00 am!"

"I was just, uuh, telling you goodnight is all."

Dylan dropped his head on his pillow and sighed. "Why does telling me goodnight hurt my neck so much?" He complained.

He turned back over and he felt the sharp pain again, then he blacked out.

The next morning he awoke to a small pain in his neck and he was very pale. He got up and stumbled on the floor and took off to Molly's room. He saw signs on her door that warned not to enter but he did anyway.

When he stepped in, he gasped and saw a small coffin. Molly must have heard the door open because she opened the lid to the small coffin and stared at Dylan.

"So you see our secret," sighed Molly, "I tried to stay away from you but youíre so young and had no clue my parents will be mad, but I havenít had a meal like that in a century."

Dylan tried not to scream. He wanted to look brave, but he was terrified. He ran to tell his dad, but he fainted when he started running and didnít get up for hours.

When he awoke, he saw he was in his own house - in his own bed. He got up and got ready for school. He was still frightened by his dream.

when he got to class, the teacher said, ďOk kids, lets welcome our newest student, Molly!ď

Me and Molly became good friends after that and she knew about my "dream." She said she had undone the past. We still play and kid around and have sleepovers and we lived forever on as vampires.

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