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The Two Witches on the Tree
by Dana

One night my mom and me were walking in the forest, when all of a sudden we heard a wicked laugh. When we turned around, we didn't see anything so we kept on walking.

There was another wicked laugh except this time it sounded like two people or whatever it was. By this time we were freaked out and started to run, but then something stopped us and we looked up and we saw two witches jumping on trees! We fainted at the sight of the two witches.

When we woke up, we saw two chickens looking at us and I could see hatred in their eyes. I noticed that we were tied up and there was a big tub filled with some kind of smoke and there was fire under it.

Then it hit me, the chickens were the witches and we were going to be cooked! But thanks to the morning sun the witches had turned into chickens that were powerless and couldn't do anything to hurt us so we hurried to untie each other before it got dark.

When we did, we ran with all our strength, so the chickens wouldn't turn back to witches and cook us for dinner! We finally got back to our house just before it got dark. We almost fell when we got home, because we were so tired .

When we went to sleep, I could have sworn I heard a wicked laugh.

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