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The String
by Evie

Most scary stories are really scary. Incredibly scary. But this story isn't scary. Not until you think about it.

Mr. Williams was driving his car down the motorway when lightning struck and an old tree came falling down in front of the car. He calmed himself then did an immediate count of his family. His wife? Check. His daughter? Check. His son? Check. They got out of the car and walked over to a fairly new cottage on the edge of the road. An old woman answered and agreed to let them stay the night, then call for a taxi in the morning.

"There are two rules in the house," The woman said. "First, NO SHOES IN THE HOUSE!"

The family glanced at one another.


Mr. and Mrs. Williams took their children upstairs to bed.

Fifteen years later....

Mr. Scout Williams was driving along the road when he noticed an old cottage. He swore that his Dad had taken his Mum, sister and himself here as a child. He begged his wife to let them visit. It was nearly night and they had nowhere to go. The wife agreed.

The old lady answered the door.

"Hey, weren't you like ninety the last time I saw you?" Asked Scout. "I'm Twenty five!" Shouted the lady, but agreed to let them stay. She reminded him of the previous rules of the house before letting them go upstairs.

That night, Scout heard a voice.

"Pull the string, pull the string!", It crooned.

He ignored it. Five minutes later it sounded again.

"Okay, where are you?" Scout asked.

"Seriously? Oh for the love of... Fine just follow the sound of my voice!" Shouted the voice.

It led Scout downstairs and into the kitchen, where he found a string under the sink.

"Pull! Pull!", Said the voice. Scout reached for the string...

"Hey!" He turned around to see the old lady walk in the room.

"I'm sorry, the voice was so annoying!"

"Voice? What voice? Oh! That voice! That's just Peter, the ghost that lives here. If you really wanted him to stop, then just pull the string!" The Old Lady fumed and tugged at the string.

"Gah! Can't breath!" Squealed Peter and silence filled the room.

"I thought I wasn't to pull the string!", Wailed Scout.

"Hrmm? Oh yeah. No, I just tell people that to get free car insurance." "What?"

"GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!", The old lady screamed.

The end.

Thank you to Carri for telling me this story, I hope you don't mind that I edited it a bit!

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