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The Story
by Sophie

There once was an 8 year old girl called Eliza. She was the child to a very famous man called Mr. Butcher, and her mother, Mrs. Butcher. Her father was famous for writing scary stories.

"Eliza, why don't you try writing?" asked Eliza's father one day.

"Sure, father!" smiled Eliza.

Eliza wrote a tale about a young fairy called Satin who had emerald-green fairy wings and a blooming, silk, white, fairy dress that fell upon her knees. Eliza thought it was a lovely story but her father thought differently.

"Eliza! What a disappointment!" shrieked Eliza's father.

"But I love my story, father!" persisted Eliza.

Later that day Eliza wrote a story about her father. In the story he was captured by Satin and taken to the fairy torture area. Her father was tortured there, he was slapped and kicked but how she wanted him DEAD! She made him starve and suffer and before he was too weak to live... he died. Eliza loved this story, it was a really MEAN story but it was true, she WANTED her father dead.

The next day when Eliza woke up there was no sight of her father. She searched all over the house! But surprisingly there was a little crystal-blue note on the table, Eliza picked it up and read it with great difficultly, it said:

Dear Eliza,
There's no need to worry anymore, we have taken your father to the fairy torture area and he is now suffering in the oh so horrible place H-E-L-L.

P.S Isn't that wonderful? Your wish came true, dear!

Satin the Fairy.

So ALWAYS be careful what you wish for, you never know what might happen, do you?

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