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The Scarecrow
by Silverleaf

There was this girl named Sarah and had a best friend named Lacey. They had a sleep over and they decide to sleep in the living room. In the living room they had this huge window that you can see the whole backyard. So when they go to bed in the living room.

They both went to sleep and Lacey woke up in the middle of the night. She looked out of the big window and heard soft footsteps. She woke up Sarah.

"Sarah did you hear any footsteps?" asked Lacey.

"I didn't hear anything. Just go back to sleep its just probably Blacky." Answered Sarah.

They both went backed to sleep. Then Lacey heard Much Much Louder footsteps. Lacey woke up Sarah.

"What do you want?" Asked Sarah drowsily and grumpy.

"Did You Hear Footsteps?" asked Lacey cautiously.

"NO! PLEASE GO BACK TO SLEEP!" yelled Sarah grumpily.

"Are you sure?" asked Lacey again.

"Just go to sleep." said Sarah.

So Lacey went back and closed her eyes. But then woke up in the middle of the night. She looked up in the big window and saw a brown scrawny looking scarecrow. She woke up Sarah.

"Sarah what’s that scarecrow doing in the backyard?" said Lacey but her voice shaken and somehow she was afraid.

"What scarecrow?" asked Sarah. Sarah looked out the Big window and saw a scarecrow but she went closer to the window and saw the scarecrow with red eyes, very razor sharp teeth sticking out, and claws that look like blades. She was frightened and felt like she was frozen like ice as she saw the sight. She couldn't move, but Lacey's voice made her jump.

"What's wrong Sarah?"

Sarah turned around swiftly to face Lacey. "OH! oh nothing its just both of our imaginations!" She said surprisingly. "Just go back to sleep," she said calmly but her voice was shaky. So she went to sleep.

She woke up in the morning happily. She called Lacey's name to wake up. "Lacey! lacey!" She said loud and happy but silence was there. "Um, Lacey?" she repeated.

Silence was still there. Sarah shook lacey wanting her to get up. "Oh come on Lacey stop playing!" She said Happily, but shook with fear instead of happiness.

"Lacey come on this isn't a game!" She said with lots of fear. Sarah was panicking calling her name over and over again and shaking over and over again. She was in fear and the only thing she heard from lacey was silence. She pulled off the covers and..... She saw that Lacey’s eyes were still open and blood came out of her eyes, Blood was coming out of her mouth and ears. Two claw marks were on her neck and blood was all over the sheet. Sarah Screamed and never slept in the living room again.

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