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The Sahora Tree
by Tanner

Deep in the rugged forests of Eastern India, there was a tree known as the Sahora Tree. At night, the female ghost, Shakchunni, would sit on the lowest branch and let her feet dangle below. If naughty children ventured under the tree after dark it was said that Shakchunni would devour the youngsters.

One day a boy named Omar stood in front of his hut, admiring the Sahora Tree.

"Now listen," began his mother in the Indian language, "don't go under that tree after dark, or Shakchunni will get you."

"Yes ma," replied Omar, still staring at the tree.

Is Shakchunni nice, thought Omar. The tree had long vertical branches. He could imagine if Shakchunni was nice. He imagined her as a beautiful woman who enjoyed playing with children. Yes, thought Omar, I will visit her.

As the sun dipped down into the sky and the moon rose up, Omar rose from the floor that was his bed. His mother and father were in a deep sleep and Omar walked over to the tree. He stopped two inches in front of the tree. What if she is mean? Will she hurt me? Omar shook the thought.

He stepped forward and suddenly felt two feet go under his armpits and lift him to the top branch. There was a dark woman in front of him, necklaces wrapped around her neck with a shiny ring on her finger. She opened her gaping mouth and reached for Omar.

"EEEEEHHHHH!!!!!" cried Omar.

From out of the hut came a tall and muscular man. His father. His father raced for the tree and using all of his strength shouldered the tree. It shook with such great force that Omar fell and ran from the tree, squealing in terror. Then something unexpected happened. Shakchunni fell, her dark body covered in bruises and cuts. She looked at the man who had knocked her down and lunged for him. Before she could get him she uncontrollably floated back on the tree.

"NNNNOOOO!" she cried, anger swelling in her voice. Omar emerged from the hut, knife in hand. He handed his father the knife and using all his strength cut into the tree, eventually knocking it down.

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