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The Red Ribbon
by Amaya

Once there was a girl called Robina and she would always wear a red ribbon around her neck, like a choker. Robina liked a boy called Korie ever since Pre-K. They grew up together in the same schools and classes. Korie would ocasionally ask Robina why she would never take out her red ribbon. Robina would never answer.

After years and years they got married. Korie would still keep on asking her why she would never take off the red ribbon on her neck. She still would not answer.

One day Robina got very sick and Korie took her to a doctor to see what happened to her. The doctor said she was going to die. Korie cried and cried. Robina lay down on the bed and told Korie to come closer. Korie went closer and obeyed her.

"You want to know why I have a red ribbon around my neck? Here let me show you..."

She took it off and her head fell onto his hands. Her head laughed evilly and Korie screamed. He chucked the head on the ground and ran to tell the police.

The police rushed in but all they saw was a poor girl, Robina with her head lying on the bed crying at the way Korie acted. The police shouted at Korie and went back to the station.

Robina and Korie were left in the house together. Robina smiled evilly and floated with a ghostly body into the sky laughing evily, but her head lay on the ground.

A few years later Korie's soul lay lying on the ground in their house and written with his blood was 'REVENGE' on the wall and a picture of Robina smiling. BELEIVE IT OR ELSE...

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