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The Lost Kingdom 2
by Tiff

Lionfire walked out of the cave. She was happy with her new name and was ready to face evil. The problem was she didn't understand how she could save anyone without a weapon. Lionfire saw more gates. They were tilted and some of the words on them were eroded away. Then Lionfire saw gold on them!?

"This has to be it! The road to the castle," Lionfire said excited to have found it.

Lionfire walked through the gates on the road. She walked for a long time and wished she had brought more water. Lionfire was tired and sat down to rest. The sun had gone down and the moon shone brightly in the middle of the sky. Lionfire sat down on the stone road exhausted and looked around for a place to go. Through some rubble on her side she saw a stone hut still in tact. Lionfire looked even more around the hut. There were millions of huts some big, some small, some in ruins, and some in tact.

"It's an ancient city. I get it now; this was once a magnificent kingdom with a city around it. The castle was behind it and the temple was beyond that. If the king needed to talk to the star warriors he would walk down this road for miles and go to the pool of water that gave me my name Lionfire and gave me the power of fire," Lionfire smiled at the fact she had found that out without help from a member of her tribe.

Lionfire walked into the city and settled down in the first hut she found in tact. It had a very big, decorated doorway with a big metal door. She forced the metal door open and walked in. Lionfire used her new power to make the hut look lit. She couldn't believe what she saw. A big room with a stone structure that looked like a bed and four doorways stretched out from that. The room looked so big Lionfire felt as if her whole tribe could live in the hut comfortably. On the other side there was a stone hole that looked like it had once held water and a small decayed looking pot next to it.

The hut was very ancient and covered with moss and some roots of trees stuck out thorough the floor but other than that it was almost perfect. Lionfire want into one of the rooms and saw five stone structures that could've been a bed, a table, a tub for bathing, and another bed. Lionfire settled on the bed furthest away from the tub and fell into a very sound sleep for the night.

Epilogue (for this part only)

The large skeleton covered in armor with a sword in hand saw a light in the city. It could only be one warrior. He gasped and ran on the secret path toward the hidden camp. He ran into the biggest stone tent and woke up the captain.

"Captain Darkfoot, we are in danger. The star warriors have betrayed us and sent the one with fire to the city," the skeleton soldier said.

Captain Darkfoot stood up,"in which hut Storm?"

"The first one that is inhabitable by the living on Ghuage Street sir," Storm replied.

"You are my most loyal warrior and I know you wouldn't lie. If this is true wait for him or her on the way to the castle and on the road to the temple." Captain Darkfoot ordered.

"Captain sir,what do we do from there?" Storm asked.

"You saw this person go into the star warrior cave right?" Captain Darkfoot inquired.

Storm nodded unsure about what the captain would replay.

"Then show this fire the way to join the star warriors please," Captain Darkfoot said with an evil smile.

"But captain, isn't the only way to do that is by..." Storm gulped.

"I trust you will get the other soldiers to follow my orders. Correct?" Darkfoot laughed.

"Yes sir," Storm said and quickly ran out of the hut.

"Well star warriors, I hope you are ready to welcome a new member into your ranks because you will never defeat us. Your fire will be extinguished and so will the world you created. It is time this kingdom came back with ME as their ruler," Captain Darkfoot said smirking at the stars. "Send all of the fire you want. It will never stop me."

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