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The Hullabaloo
by Anonymous

It was a cold October night. Two little boys named Kaden and Danny were walking home from the park. It was starting to get cold and dark outside. They were almost home when they saw something fast and dark that seemed to come out of nowhere run across the street.

The boys were curious to what is was, because it was too big to be a cat or dog. They thought maybe it was one of Kaden's older sisters trying to scare them. So the boys thought they would pull a fast one on her instead. The boys slowly followed the mysterious figure hiding behind, trees, garbage cans, or what ever they can find.

They followed the mysterious figure and saw it enter into the back door of Kadan's house. So Danny asked his Grandma if he can spend the night at Kaden's house, since it was a Friday night and they wanted to get Kaden's sister back for trying to scare them. Danny's grandma said that it was fine to spend the night at Kaden's house.

Danny packed up some things that they might need like his pet snake he liked to call Frank(short for Franenstin). That night as the boy's were planning their revenge they heard strange sounds coming from the bathroom. They went to check it out and when they got to the bathroom nobody was there, the light was on and their was a radio playing a song called "Don't Cha." Kaden and Danny did not think anything of it and went back to their rooms.

In the mean time his sister called home and asked her mom if she could stay at her friendís house. Her mom thought that was a good idea because Danny was spending the night. The boys hung out in there room watching movies, eating popcorn and coming up with a plan.

Around midnight the house was dark and quite. They decided that Kaden's sister must be sleeping so they decide to throw Danny's pet snake Frank in her bed as pay back for trying to scare them. They crept into her room as quiet as they could and pulled the covers off of her bed and all of a sudden a big scary Hullabaloo wearing his sisters ballet outfit jumped out of her bed and started singing "Don't Cha."

The boys did not know what to do they dropped Frank looked at each other and ran back to there rooms and did not come out until the next morning.

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