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The House Next Door
by Ashley

Have you ever wondered what was going on in the house right beside you? Well, I did and this is my story. If you are scared, turn back now before it is too late...

My name is Ashley, I live in a little town called Hearts End which is in some country. I was sitting in my living room on a late Friday night at Midnight, and there was a full moon.

As I clicked off my TV, I just happened to look outside my window and I saw an object walk up my neighbor's walkway and straight through the door!

I thought my eye sight was messing with me, so I didn't pay any mind to it until I saw an object come straight out the door again and go back in! Okay, I was really freaked out, so I decided to go over and investigate.

When I got up close to the house, I saw all types of weeds, trees, and roots all over the place, but I didn't see any flowers. When I got up to the door, I knocked about ten times and then decided to go into the dark house.

As I was walking through the old, rusted, smelly house, I discovered foot prints on the floor that were in the color of blood. I decided to taste it, so I bent down, dabbed my finger in some and tasted it... It had no flavor as ketchup, strawberry covering, or red finger nail polish, the only taste it had was the taste of blood. The blood was warm, so that meant it was fresh... I was really freaked out, so I followed the footprints, because I didn't know what else to do. If I were that person, would I want not to be found?

I followed the footprints until they stopped at a door. I decided to enter the dark room. As I entered, the door creaked and moaned. When I looked into the dark room, I could see the outline of a human figure with something at it's wrists where a visible vein is. I heard slurping and gulping.

Could it be? Could someone or something be drinking the blood out of people? I walked up to the figures and flicked on my lighter that I had in my pocket. Sure enough, there was a dead, drained, lifeless body lying on a table. The figure that was drinking was turned around looking straight into my eyes. I screamed and tried to run, but I wouldn't budge until the object (which I'm not so sure what it was) got up and started walking toward me.

I ran so fast, but on my way to the door, I tripped over what felt like a human head. I couldn't get away in time, the monster was already on top of me ripping away at my flesh. I fought back, I kicked the monster back onto the wall and only had enough time to stand up. The monster ran back to me, grabbed my hand and tried to rip open my wrist.

Instead of eating all of my blood, the monster took its razor sharp nails and cut my wrist off. I shrieked from the sharp agonizing pain and ran. I ran like nothing else. With my left hand gone, I ran all the way to my house and locked all my windows and doors with my right hand.

I finally calmed down enough to nurse my hand. I never went to the hospital or back to that old house. I moved far away, but that old house still remains. And if you listen carefully on a late Friday night when the moon is full, you can still hear the screams of people. So, whenever you are curious about the house next door to you, be careful, because curiosity killed the person...

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