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The Haunted Graveyard
by Sean

HEY, this is a real story so please believe me. Whenever me, my brother and my sister’s boyfriend went to the graveyard next to my house (I told them we can go to the graveyard and we did go), I took my flashlight, camera and hat.

We walked in the graveyard and all we heard were the trees creaking. I got so scared and took a picture.

I saw a man leaning against the tree and he had a really mean face, so I backed up a few feet and I was so creeped out, I couldn't breath at all. Well, I could breath but only kinda and I think something was following me around the graveyard.

I spotted a really small tombstone and it was a baby who died in the late 1800's.Then I heard a baby cry almost 5-10 times, so I said to myself that I had enough.

I said to my bro and my sister’s boyfriend that we should go now! So, we went back to the house and it felt like someone had been following us back. I'm pretty sure I heard a hoarse voice in my ear and I think it said, "STAY AWAY!"

I ran then I tripped over a rock. I got up, then I saw a really tall man out at the bus stop. He looked like a man with really weird clothes and his face started falling apart. I ran to my parents. I was getting really scared and yelled, “BLOODLY MAN! BLODDY MAN!” My mom and sis believed me, but my father didn't believe in ghosts.

SO, when I went to bed, I saw a boy my age rocking back and forth, looking at me like he wanted my help. I asked him what do you want, then he got off the chair and walked to my bed and said, "My Mommy!" I closed my eyes and opened them again and he just vanished.

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