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The Ghost
by Emily

You may have heard the story of the ghost. It has been passed down for generations. When it gets passed down, it usually gets told a little bit differently. I am going to tell you the real story.

It all started one Halloween night when Sally wanted to go to the mansion on the hill where her grandfather lived. She wanted to go very bad, but her friend Heather did not want to. So Sally decided to go by herself.

She told Heather she would mee her at the town park in 20 minutes. She started. She had never really went to her grandfathers alone but she thought she knew the way.

After about 15 minutes she did not know where she was. She looked around on the ground she realized she was in a graveyard. At the time it was around 10:00 and it was super dark. She realized heather had both their flashlights.

She was getting very scared. She thought she saw her grandpa's house. She ran to this house. She went in and the door slammed behind her. She started yelling grandpa, are you home. No answer but she heard something in the corner. She said grandpa is that you. Still no answer. Suddenly a girl eating vampire jumped out and ate her. Some say her friend is still waiting at the park for YOU.

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