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The Evil Chihuahua
by Alexia & Riley

Once upon a time, a young girl decided she wanted a puppy after getting some money for her birthday. It took a lot of convincing, but finally her mother agreed to take her to the local pound and see what they could find. Later that day they returned -- but with a cute Chihuahua in tow.

"It's late," the girl's mother said. "Go take a bath and go to sleep after you've gotten the puppy taken care of." At this, she handed the girl a fluffy little dog bed and went to get herself ready for bed.

After showering, the girl walked back into her room. The Chihuahua was already curled up on the dog bed. She smiled and, snuggling up under her covers, said "Goodnight, puppy," but suddenly the Chihuahua leapt up onto her bed. The girl moved to put the furry creature back into its proper place, but it growled in protest. The girl sighed and decided to let the puppy be. She figured it was just acting weird because it was in a new place, and therefore a little on edge.

She quietly went down the stairs and to the guest room. Just as she began to doze off, she heard someone either going up or down the stairs. The hairs stood up on the back of her neck, but she ignored it and told herself that it was one of her parents checking on the new puppy.

Not long after, she heard a drawer open in the kitchen and what she recognized as someone rustling around in the drawer that held all their forks, spoons . . . and knives. Her heart began to race, but she ignored it and told herself it was one of her parents just eating some leftovers.

After awhile, she began to fall asleep again; until a scream pierced the air. Frightened, she ran into the hallway, opened her parents' door . . . and there was the Chihuahua, a bloody knife carefully carried in its mouth. It began to chuckle and then to roll on the floor, and then to laugh hysterically. Insanely.

Gasping, the girl looked to her parents' bed. She screamed. She ran. She ran into the kitchen, grabbed the phone, and dialed 9-1-1. "Hello?" answered a calm voice. "Please, please, there's been a murder, please--" Suddenly she cut off with a strangled wail.

"Ma'am?" asked the operator. Muttering a "darn kids and their pranks." The operator finally decided to hang up. The girl's head rolled to the floor.

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