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The Dog that Cared
by Shelley

My sister and I have always wanted a dog. My mom said that we couldn't afford a dog and she didn't want dog hair and slobber on the carpet.

One night, when my sister and I were getting ready for bed, we heard a barking noise outside. We went out to investigate.

When we went outside, we saw a black dog with long fur. It was cold and very skinny.

We went inside to get the left over chicken my mom had cooked two nights ago. We fed it to the dog and we found out it was a girl. So, then she picks up the chicken and runs into the field behind our house.

The next night, my sister and I went back outside with more chicken and the black dog was back. We named her Shadow. She was very sweet and she did the same thing every night. She would eat a little chicken and run off with the rest into the field.

One afternoon, my sister and I put both of our allowances together and bought Shadow a collar. So we waited outside for her to come and do her thing. We started to think of Shadow as our very own.

When we went out to feed her again, we decided to follow her into the field. We followed her into the field and we didn't see Shadow.

Suddenly my sister fell. She tripped because her foot got stuck in a hole and that tripped her.

We looked into the hole and we found little puppies that looked like Shadow. We found little pieces of chicken and a red collar that said Shadow.

Right next to the hole was a dog body. It was shadow, but she still looked skinny. We found out she died when she had her puppies a long time ago and came back to life to take care of them. We sobbed for hours and then we went home.

The next night, Shadow didn't come. We got an old cardboard box and put the puppies into the box. We told our mom the story and she said we could keep one of the puppies. We did and named her Shadow Jr.

We sold the rest of the puppies to families who wanted a puppy. It's been a couple of years since the nights of Shadow visiting. Shadow Jr. has grown a lot. We will always remember Shadow and sometimes my sister and I still talk about it, but we will always remember Shadow as the dog that cared.

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