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The Deadly Bones
by Olivia

There once was a day a boy named Tom, he was 7, said to his older sister "I hate you so much i wanna kill you". The sister didn’t really care and she wasn’t scared at all.

One day when they got older, the boy was his sisters favorite friend. By the way the sisters name is Trisha.

When Tom moved to his own house after his mother died, he got haunted by the ghost who used to live there.

One day Trisha came over to Tom's new house to see what it looked liked and he said "i hate you so much i wanna kill you" but the sister said "Nice joke Tom, I don’t really believe you."

Tom got his steak knife out of the kitchen and said, “No I'm serious” then by that time the sister tried to escape the house, but he shut the door and wouldn't let her out. He sharpened the knife and said, “this is my favorite knife. You're lucky I'm using it on you. Your death will go fast you wont even feel it.”

Trisha ran in a closet and shut the door, but Tom kicked it down. Trisha was stuck in a corner and she screamed, “Don't do it, I'm your favorite sister and you can’t do it. This house is haunted.”

The sister knocked down the knife and shocked him and told him, “Don't let the spirit get to you. Think of all the best times we've had.”

Tom stood there thinking. He started to pick up the knife, but he dropped it after that. He said “You're right,” and the sister said, “aren't I always right.” Tom said, “Yea you are.”

After that night tom moved in with Trisha until he could get a house. After that, they both lived happily ever after...!!!

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