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The Crazy Carnival
by Hannah

There was a girl called Ella and she decided to go in for her friend Jackie. So she went in for her, then they both went for a little wander around. They must have took a wrong turn some where because they suddenly bumped into these huge iron gates. At the top of the gates there was a sign 'Crazy Carnival.' The girls tried opening the gates, but they were locked so they climbed over the top of them. When they got to the other side they had a look around. There was a big wheel with many broken cages. Then one thing that caught their eye was a big house with a sign saying fun house.

"Let's go in and see what we find," said Ella.

So they both walked in and the first thing they saw was a clown sitting on a rocking chair. Then SUDDENLY the clown moved its hand and waved at them eerily, so they ran as fast as their legs would carry them out the house. But the clown followed them. They ran into a little stall and hid from the clown. Then they lost him.

"That was scary," Jackie whispered.

Then when they walked out of the house, the clown grabbed Ella from behind and as soon as it touched her she turned to stone. Jackie sprinted for her life and climbed over the iron gates. 30 years later Jackie visits Ella the statue and sets a bunch of flowers next to her. One day Jackie left to take flowers to Ella's statue and she was never heard of again.

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