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The Changer
by Shelley

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a naughty little girl lived… feared by everyone. Her name was Suzanna. Her mum used to tell her stories about bullies, but she never listened. She loved being the boss of everyone. She loved being feared by everyone. With every story her mum told her, she got worse and worse.

It was a beautiful spring day and Suzanna had to go to school for the last day before the Easter holidays. She was horrible to everyone… even the teachers… ever her friends. It soon got to the point when her friends ditched her and the teachers started ignoring her. No-one liked her. She was too mean.

When she arrived home after school, she walked up to her mum and grunted. "What’s the matter?" asked Suzanna’s mum anxiously. Suzanna just grunted again and went up to her room. Next thing that happened, her old friend called her. She was telling Suzanna about a strange person who goes to the naughty girls and boys room and takes them away… operates on them until they admit what they had done wrong. Suzanna just laughed and hung up.

That night, it was a full moon… a very full moon. Suzanna tried falling asleep, but the story her friend told her played continuously on her mind. She convinced herself that is was just a myth and fell asleep.

During the night, her friend’s story came true. Suzanna woke up to find herself strapped to a metal bed. Over her, she saw a strange person. This person went to operate on her, but she looked up and started to shout hysterically at this person. The stranger soon shouted back and swallowed the girl whole.

The stranger was not a human being. He was an alien from the planet changes.

He was the CHANGER!

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