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The Cabin
by Joann

One night, when everyone was fast asleep, not a sound was made apart from the light sound of breathing.

There was a tiny, little shack and in that shack lived a woman called Cherry. Cherry was a light hearted person, who always looked on the bright side of things, even things that scared her!

One night, when she was fast asleep, she could hear this unusual, haunting voice, but she just ignored it and went back to sleep. The next minute she heard the tapping of stones on the window and so she went over to see what it was. she found herself staring at a completely white blank figure, no face, no features just a figure. And so, kind as she was, she went down to see if it was cold.

When she got outside, she asked "Excuse me, are you cold? Do you want to come inside and have a hot drink?"

The figure didn't reply. It just simply floated away, urging Cherry to follow, and she did.

When the figure stopped, finally, Cherry could see a little cabin, very dusty! So she went inside and she saw a skeleton. She turned back to the figure, but it was gone! So she turned back to look at the skeleton, but that was gone too.

However, scared as she was, she proceeded until she reached a room that had two chairs and a beautiful mantlepiece! That was all the cabin had, so she turned around to go back to her house, but there was no doorway!

She turned back around to look at the room and that wasn't there either! She panicked! How can I get out? she thought.

Suddenly, she heard a crack and she noticed that the room was closing in on her!

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!!!HHHHHEEELLPP!!!!!!" she screamed, with all her might but nothing changed! The room was still closing in on her!"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!" - her last scream until her bones were crushed by the room!

No one had ever heard from her since!

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