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The Blood Drinker
by Tiffany

Once upon a time there was this beautiful village called, Indorexceyah. It was peaceful and everyone was family to each other. If a wagon broke down, then all the villagers would help fix it up. But after the last October an eclipse came and blocked the sun. It never moved, so now down in Indorexceyah it’s always dark and frightening. It was awful. They all stole and cursed the other family members around them.

One day they all thought to themselves, ‘We used to be a happy, peaceful village why not try to make that again.’ So for 3 months it was okay till some of the townsfolk started coming up missing. They blamed it on one another, so they called a meeting in the Kings Lovely Hall.

“You stole my lad didn’t you?" one father said.

"Me, I would never, but you probably stole my daughter!"

They all shouted and scream at each other until the king screamed "Stop!"

They all stared at him waiting to hear his voice again. He sat in his chair, staff in hand, looking at the crowd of people "Now what is happening," he commanded.

They all talked at once. He couldn’t listen to them all at the same time. "Stop!" he said again. “Now I want one voice at a time.”

They all raised their hands at once.

"You there woman what is the problem," he asked her.

"Well, sir, everyone is taking one another’s family members and supposedly killing them."

"Hmmmm... I see has anyone witnessed this occurring?" they all shook there heads no. "I see, so you all just suppose your neighbors are doing this aye?" they all shook there heads yes. " Hmmm... now do you think it could be something different like maybe a wolf carrying them to the woods or they just run away?”

They made faces at the king, "Just possibilities.”

“I know what is taking your youngsters," said the old man in the back. "It be a blood drinker." They looked at each other and started to realize this only happens now since the eclipse.

"So old man," someone said, "How do we stop such a creature."

“You don’t, not enough strength. It'll just keep killing till we’re all gone and move on."

They all understood they would die even with locked doors. They all went home dragging there feet. Family by family they died except the old man for he was this blood drinkers best friend.

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