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The Bicycle Ride
by Jack

Once upon a time a man went for a ride on his bike out into the country. The farther he went the more fog there would be. Once it got so dark that he could hardly see 3 feet out in front of him he decided to go back home.

About when he got 1/4 of the way home the one trail split into two trails. He couldn't decide which way to go, so he went with his gut. His gut said to go left, so he took the left trail. About one mile into the left trail his gut changed. He went back to where the roads split and he took the right trail instead.

It started to rain after awhile. Then, he started to peddle faster. It started pouring and he started to peddle as fast as he could. In no time he appeared at an abandoned mansion. He stopped, put the kickstand down on his bike, and then walked onto the porch of the old abandoned mansion. Then, he hit the doorknocker onto the door a couple times. Nothing happened, so he knocked the doorknocker onto the door again a couple times.

All of a sudden the door came open. He looked in and nobody was there. He heard a noise, so he decided to yell “ANYBODY HOME,” but nobody answered. He thought he could have a quick walk around the mansion. After he looked through the downstairs he wanted to go upstairs.

Once he got upstairs he started looking inside the rooms. He was surprised to find that all of the rooms didn't have any beds. They only had coffins.

After he saw that, he started to get scared so he quickly ran downstairs and to his surprise he found about 3 to 5 vampires at the end of the stairs.

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