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The Bargain
by Megan

Once, there lived an old Sweetmaker. He was very lonely. His wife had died long ago, and his sons and daughters had moved to other countries where they were too busy handling their own kids and jobs to talk to him. That is why, when he was asked to adopt a boy by the local orphanage, he was delighted. But he was warned that the boy was a strange fellow.

"His sister was perfectly alright, no probs. But the boy?" They shuddered. Have you seen his eyes? A horrible red and his skin is so skeletal. The sister warned us about attacks and stuff." But the old man didn't care. He wanted a companion desperately, so he adopted the boy.

The first few weeks went normally. The old man noticed that the boy was an introvert. He disliked going outside. He would spend his time in the sweet shop. Somehow, whenever he saw them, his eyes would glow. He would also read a mysterious dusty book from time to time.

Soon the old man's customers started complaining. They said that the sweets tasted funny. They also said that they suspected the boy of tampering with the sweets. But somehow, the old man continued trusting the boy.

Soon, the customers started suffering from ailments. They would either itch uncontrollably, or their hair would start falling out. There limbs were often paralyzed and sometimes, they would start moving without any reason. They all knew that the boy was responsible for it.

One day, the old man sneaked into the boy's room. He found the boy's diary. He read:

13th April
Mama and Papa just came back from the cemetery, looking tired and disgruntled. They are arguing in the foyer now. I can hear their voices clearly.

14th April
I just can't believe this! Their souls were stolen by the Devil! Mama is looking sickly. Papa now lies upon his deathbed. I don't know what to do.

15th April
I went and met the Devil just before he ran away with my Papa to extract the last bit of soul he has left. The Devil smiled down upon me. He then handed me a tattered book. "Read thisss" he hissed." Get me a few soulsss for my demons to posssesss if you want your parentsss back"

17th October
My sister thinks I'm clearly mad after what nearly happened to the orphanage warden. How do I tell her that I want to just bring our parents back?

18th November
Everything is going perfectly. The old man's customers will soon be possessed, unless they drink the Satarest Potion, which they can't, because none of them know how to make it! I just need one more soul. I think the old man will be perfect. I wish I could just dig them up from the cemetery, but I have no choice. The Devil wants fresh souls, according to that book which he gave me.

The old man looked up, his face ashen white. He quickly rushed over to the telephone and called the mental asylum. He then searched for the tattered book. He found it and then he quickly turned over to the page on the Satarest Potion. He made it, and called all his customers and told them to drink it. They soon recovered.

Soon, the boy was taken away by the asylum screaming, "But what about the bargain? What about Mama and Papa? Noooooooo!"

"I didn't really want to do that, God, it wasn't the boy's fault. I hope I did the right thing," said the old man, when he went to church the next day. "You did," said God.

The End

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