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The Uninvited
by Gabby

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived across from a scary house. Every time she walked by the house she would hear a scream, so one day she went in to the house and she heard a little voice say, “go back, you’re not invited.” The little girl was scared and mad that she did not get invited. The scary part is it sounded like her friend that died in a car accident.

She thought of turning back but she kept on walking. All of a sudden she felt a hand tap her on her shoulder so she looked back and saw nothing.

She kept walking, then it happened again. She looked back even faster and there standing behind her was her dead friend and she said on more time, “you’re not invited… turn back or else!”

That stubborn girl kept walking, so she came to a light and in that light she saw people partying, but they were dead, so she got freaked out and started running back. She couldn’t see any thing so she started crying and saying please don’t kill me.

Her friend heard her, but then came after her with a knife and so she started to run, but when she was trying to run she couldn’t. Something was holding her back.

So she prayed to God and said, “I will never be selfish again. Suddenly she could move and she ran out of the house and when she heard a scream she knew someone was not invited and invited themselves. So now she knows you should never be selfish.

Then she woke up and realized it was just a dream.

One week later she heard her mom say they were moving, so when she got there it all happened exactly as in her dream, but it had a different ending.

Watch out and never be selfish. Boo!

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