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The Ugly Outfit
by doodlelovebugs

There was once a girl who loved to shop. In fact, she loved shopping so much she was called a shopoholic. The girl's name was Anna.

Anna went to the mall every single day. She was lucky though because she lived right next to the mall, so she never had to drive there.

One day when Anna went to the mall, she only had $20 to spend. She usually had like $200 to spend, but that day she could only manage to get twenty out of her father. Anna saw a lot of cute outfits there. She looked and looked for the right outfit.

Exactly at 6:30 everyone walking through the mall just disappeared. Anna was all by herself, and she was kind of scared. While she was searching for everybody, she came upon…


When she looked at the price tag, it was $15.99. Anna was sooooo happy. She got the outfit, put it on, and left her money on the check-out counter.

She went home with her beautiful outfit that still had the price tag on it. "The shirt is teal and strapless. It goes down to your knees. The pants are black. Their skinny jeans with sparkles all the way down the leg," she told her friends.

Anna wore her new outfit all the time. She wore it so much she got addicted to it! One day while she was bragging about her special outfit, it turned U-G-L-Y! It got tattered and turned grey. Anna ran away screaming back to her house.

She didn't know what had happened. "You’re mine now, mau ha ha ha!" her outfit told her. When Anna had gotten addicted to her outfit, it had gotten addicted to her.

She ran to return it, but it wouldn't let her. For the rest of her life Anna had to wear the ugliest outfit in the world. She hated it so much she went into hiding. Anna was never seen again.

Until one day.......................... TO BE CONTINUED

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