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The Thing
by Stephen

A long time ago in a farm in Houston, Texas there was this thing. Nobody knew what that thing was until one night these two teenagers were walking alone. That thing appeared. They started to panic. They ran as fast as they could, but in a split second that thing had caught up to them. They saw that thing. It had wings like a bat and had the most ugliest face they had ever seen.

That thing grabbed the boy and flew away. The girl screamed in horror and in sadness. She just sat there crying, waiting for that thing to bring back her boyfriend, but she knew he would never return.

She started thinking that the thing had killed him or made him suffer. After a while, she finally gave up. She started home.

When she got to her house, her mom and dad saw her sad and they said, “What is wrong? Why are you so sad?” The girl had explained to her parents what had happened. They got really scared, but they didn’t tell her. They told her that she was lying, but when the parents were children they had seen that thing eat one of their closest friends.

They told the townspeople, but they said that it was a hoax. They didn’t believe in myths, but when they went looking for the little boy, they found his body half eaten. After that incident… to be continued...

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