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The Secret of the Vampire
by Ebnala

Nora was my best friend. She liked horror films, horror books... She loved vampires stories. We went out together every day: we went to the cinema, to the library...

But one day, everything changed, and she started to hate supernatural films and books, and she never went out with me…

One year later, when we were walking in our city, we saw a strange boy. I couldn’t see his face because it was dark. He came to us, and he said: "Nora, We Know who you are. If you don't stop your stupid game, we’ll stop it for you."

“It isn’t a game,” said Nora, “I know your secret. I found my mother’s diary. Her death wasn’t an accident. I can prove it and I am not afraid.”

“OK, This is your decision, and it will have consequences,“ said the boy, and he disappeared in the darkness.

“What is happening Nora?” I asked.

“You can´t believe It,” my friend said, “but you must know it. The name of this boy is Peter. He was my mother’s boyfriend twenty years ago, and he is a very dangerous vampire. She loved Peter, but when she discovered his secret, she escaped from him. Two years later, she met my father and I was born. But Peter found her and killed her. My mother didn’t tell my father about Peter. Because of it, he didn’t kill him. But my mother had written all that she knew about Peter and his friends in her diary before she was killed. And last year I found it when I was cleaning the garret. I looked for Peter and I found him last month, in a small town near here. I wanted to destroy him, but he discovered my plans. Now I am going to prove the truth…”

“Are you crazy?“ I said. “Vampires don’t exist Nora. I am going home. Tomorrow, we’ll have to speak about it.”

“No. Vampires exist, but they aren´t like in our books. They are killers. They are monsters. I understand you can’t believe me now, but it is the truth. They will try to kill me tonight, or tomorrow. I can defend myself, but they are a lot and very strong. If they kill me, you should escape and tell the truth to everybody. Please!”

After Nora had said this, she started to run. I never saw Nora again. No one knows where my friend is... except me. I know the truth, and I’m going to tell everybody about it. I must revenge her murder. I’m going to kill Peter. Now you know the secret of the vampire.

If I can’t kill Peter, he will try to kill you. You must escape… or fight.

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