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The Prison in the Sea
by Rica M.

Out of the trees, towards the east, there was what some people might call a castle, large home or a great kingdom. Shimela called it a prison.

Shimmela was a fair lady who lived amongst the people of the "prison." Shimmela was very good tempered and wanted to help everyone she could, but one thing stood in her way, "Prince Feelix" (the jailer). He was a horrible man, cruel, and an unwise man. He demanded you call him Prince Feelix instead of the jailer and if you didn't call him what he commanded, he would kill you. He was tall, pale, muscular, and dead looking, not a wonderful sight.

Shimmela dreamed often about getting away from the "prison," but it was surrounded by water. There was no way off, you could not swim for you would surely be eaten by the many sharks and other creatures "Prince Feelix" had unleashed in the sea. Shimmela and some of her friends Mafix and Lafix to be precise had been planning for quit a while on how to escape, but all there plans had failed. Prince Feelix was the only one who knew how.

Shimmela had a sense that if she watched Feelix long enough she would find a way out, so she did. All the people at the "kingdom" didn't know how they got there. All they knew was that they were slaves.

Prince Feelix was in his chambers and unaware that Shimmela was watching him from the outside. The "prince" opened a large wooden chest and picked up a weird plastic thing with an antenna and lots of buttons (a radio) and said into it, "We are running short of provisions - send more and the far east end of the island, midnight!"


After that she left to tell the others.

Out of breath and very weak, she arrived at Mafix and Lafix's house and banged on the door! "It's open," someone from inside yelled. Shimmela opened the door and said, "I found the way." After explaining what she saw, they decided to make their escape that next night.

It was almost midnight and they prepared to go. They soon arrived at the far end of the island and saw a beast made of steal and that had odd wings on its head. Feelix called it a he-li-cop-tor- or something like that. Shimmela, Mafix and Lafix got on the metal beast, when no one was looking. They couldn't believe what happened next. They were going vertical and they panicked, but no one heard them because of the noise the beast made (thank heaven)! A week after flying they landed on another island, but this one was huge and as far as the eye could see, and at that moment Shimmela, Mafix and Lafix knew they were free.

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